About Us

About Us


The story behind Sunshine Tango Holidays in Tenerife

Our names are Susanne and Alan Twigg and together we are responsible for organizing Sunshine Tango and making sure that you have a wonderful holiday here in Tenerife.
Susanne is from Osnabruck in Germany and Alan is from Sheffield in England. Together we have two children who both live in Germany. We also both own businesses in Germany, but we live in sunny Tenerife where we actively pursue our passion for Tango.

As it happens, it was while on a tango holiday in Tuscany that we discovered this wonderful dance, perhaps that’s why we are so enthusiastic about Sunshine Tango. We wanted to share our passion for Tango and our love of Tenerife and so making the decision to organize tango holidays here in the Canaries was very easy indeed.

We already organize milongas here on the island and we run the Island’s tango website (http://tangotenerife.com/). Alan is also active as a DJ and is part of the organization of Tenerife’s annual New Year Tango Meeting (http://lamiradatango.org/). Our long-term objective is to help transform Tenerife into one of Europe’s leading holiday destinations for Tango.
Tenerife already attracts a number of tango tourists each year, many of whom return year after year. We hope that we can contribute to the continued growth of Tango here in the Canaries and even add to the fantastic energy that already exists here.

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