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Christiane Rohn & Constantin Rüger

Christiane and Constantin

Based in Berlin, Germany, Christiane and Constantin have been dancing together since 2010. They both teach in a number of different dance schools in Germany’s and Europe’s Tango capital. Both very experienced teaches, they work in Germany and abroad.

We are very lucky to have Christiane and Constantin as part of our tango holidays here in Tenerife. We had experienced their lessons ourselves on a tango holiday in the south of Spain a couple of years ago and we were really impressed. They manage to bring across concepts and new material in a way that is accessible with the use of colourful analogies.

But that’s not all, they are friendly, open, patient and good fun. The atmosphere was first class during the lessons, the practice sessions and our milongas of our first tango holiday in April in Tenerife and Christiane and Constantin played a large part.

They genuinely love being part of tango holidays, meeting new people and travelling to sunny destinations. Giving group lessons is a pleasure for them; and it shows. It’s thanks to their enthusiasm that a sense of balance and harmony is achieved between the couples and the group as a whole.

They will be accompanied by their young boy (the boss) Victor.


I started figure skating when I was really young. During my 20-year career in this artistic and athletic sport I also spent time in other dances from ballet to jazz and from contemporary to tap.

While I was learning to be a teacher in Spanish and sports, I came across Argentine tango during a stint in Argentina. I was hooked immediately and fascinated by the improvisational way in which two people could move together in harmony with the music.

I’ve taken lessons an learnt a lot from my teachers including Giselle-Anne and Gustavo Naveira, Cecila Garcia, Moira Castellano & Gaston Torelli, Carolina Bonaventura & Francisco Forquera.

I now dance and teach with different dancers, but especially with my partner Constantin Rüger. We’ve been dancing together for several years along with other dancers in Berlin as part of the Tango Dinner Show “Locura Tanguera”.

Tango technique in the service of art. I believe that solid technique and especially a good attitude are the prerequisites for real “fusion” with your dance partner as well as for promoting good posture and warding off back problems. I live this with my students during my lessons. I’ve been teaching on the ice, in school and on the dance floor for over 10 years.


“I’m inspired by dances that involve couples and different body languages. I’ve been closely involved and worked intensively on tango as a dance, as a musical sphere and as a social phenomenon since 1996. In addition, I’ve learnt classical ballet, standard dance, Latin dances, salsa and swing. I’ve also been learning Taekwondo for the past four years.

That I’m teaching today is hardly a coincidence. If I’d not come across tango, I’d probably be teaching Latin as a school teacher. Right from the outset, I was intrigued by the methodology and didactics of Argentine Tango. It’s a real challenge to capture and convey a body language that is so complex and that has as many “dialects” as Argentine tango. For many years now I’ve been working on cracking the code through weekly courses in Berlin and tango workshops in Germany and abroad and giving lessons in three languages. I pride myself on my methodical and structured lesson planning and execution, but also my humorous approach. I run a “Mens’ Training” workshop where I regularly devote myself to working with leaders.

Over the past 16 years, I’ve taken lessons from over 50 instructors and much of what I’ve experienced is reflected in my own teaching style. I look forward to sharing my experience as a dancer and my joy for dance with you.”

Milonga Evening with Performance 

We will be welcoming them both to Tenerife again for the third year running in 2019. Here are some videos made during the tango holidays in 2016 and 2017.

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