Lessons, Practice, Dining and Milongas

Dates of Our Next Tango Holidays in Tenerife:

All our tango weeks begin on Saturday. We’ll be meeting up for evening dinner where our tango teachers Christiane Rohn and Constantin Rüger will introduce themselves and explain how our week will be structured. Alan and Susanne Twigg will also say hello and welcome you all to our tango holiday week.

Lessons will start on Sunday and there will be two hours of instruction every day apart from Wednesday, your lesson-free day. Our tango lessons are structured for dancers who have moved beyond the beginners’ stage. Lessons will be in English. If you speak German, separate lessons will also be available in German.

The material of the lessons will be decided with the group at the beginning of the lessons. The objective is to make the very most out of the fact that everyone is relaxed and on holiday. A holiday environment is perfect for learning and improving important aspects like connection and musicality.

In addition to lessons, there will be two hour-long practice sessions accompanied by our experienced teachers. Our “Practica” will be informal with Christiane and Constantin on hand to give advice and tips and will not follow a set lesson plan. You can choose what you’d like to practice, depending on your wishes, level of ability and speed of learning.

Dining together
We will be dining together every evening as part of the half board offering (either inside or outside).

There will be a milonga every evening. In addition to all those on our tango holiday, we will also be inviting privately some of the dancers here in Tenerife to join us.