Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love a Tango Holiday in Tenerife

Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love a Tango Holiday in Tenerife

1. Your dancing will improve


Can you think of a better time or place to learn tango than when on holiday! It’s perfect. You’re relaxed, happy and ready to improve your tango together with others. On top of that, you can look forward to dancing and putting what you’ve learnt into practice at our evening milonga.


2. You’ll love it in Tenerife

With all-year-round sunshine, lovely beaches and the highest mountain in Spain, Tenerife has so much to offer. The largest of the Canary islands and with so many different climate zones, it’s often been said that Tenerife is a small continent in its own right. You’ll find some lovely walks, whale watching, surfing, golf and a limitless number of things to get up to while you’re here. With plenty of spare time outside of learning and a lesson-free day as well, you’ll certainly enjoy yourself here in Tenerife. Our tango holiday takes place on the sunny south side of the island in our own little oasis of peace.


3. You’ll meet others and make new friends

Learning to dance with others in a relaxed holiday atmosphere is really good fun. You can gain so much from learning with a like-minded group. It’s also perfect for meeting new people and getting to know others. We have reserved a table for all our dancers, so we hope that you’ll want to join us for dinner before the evening milonga.


4. Probably the best climate in the world


Tenerife has a climate that cannot be matched. The warmest weather is found on the south and west of the island, while the north is more green and lush. Tenerife has the lowest temperature difference between summer and winter of anywhere in the world.
You can always find great weather in Tenerife. In the winter the temperature virtually never drops below 20 degrees centigrade, while in the Summer, when the rest of Spain is roasting, the thermometer rarely rises above 30 degrees.


5. You’ll recharge your batteries

Coming to Tenerife to enjoy a break and to dance is the perfect way to recharge your batteries and to return home feeling energized. It’s a wonderful match that lets you improve your dancing, meet new people, see new things or just spend all day relaxing in the warm sunshine of the Canary Islands. And that’s not all! Our tango holidays take place in a yoga retreat which really is a little oasis of tranquillity away from the normal tourism of Tenerife.


6. You’ll boost your confidence

Working on mastering your tango will give you a confidence buzz. Even if you already have plenty of experience, then challenging yourself to learn something new or achieve the next level can be very motivating. But there’s something else about Tenerife and especially our location. It has a special energy and you get to take some of it back home with you!


7. Tenerife is safe and very affordable


Coming to Tenerife is incredibly easy on the bank balance; the price of our holidays include half board so most of your expenses are already covered. Even if you do decide to indulge in other activities or excursions you will find that prices are very reasonable.


8. You’ll discover new things from advanced teachers

One of the great things about learning on holiday is the chance to learn from different teachers. Every teacher has their own style and preferences. In Tenerife you’ll be learning from new teachers with many, many years of experience of teaching tango on holiday.


9. You’ll be in the hands of professionals

Christiane Rohn & Constantin Rüger will be giving lessons. They have been dancing and teaching for many years and are at the centre of the tango scene in Berlin, Germany. Lessons will be in English and you can look forward to taking classes of a very high standard in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. We are absolutely delighted to have Christiane and Constantin to help you learn and look after you throughout the holiday.


10. Feel the energy of Tenerife and enjoy new milongas


You can look forward to enjoying a new milonga atmosphere, not just with others sharing the holiday with you but also with some of the other dancers from here in Tenerife. We usually invite some good friends of ours to come and join us for the evening milongas. On two nights we organize a special milonga in the Golf Club in the south where all the dancers from Tenerife join us.

So there you have it, now it’s up to you…

We live in Tenerife. Every week we host and visit milongas here on the island and we’re always delighted to meet new dancers, who are here on holiday. They frequently tell us how much they love it here. Regardless of where people are from, they’re always impressed with the energy, openness and positive atmosphere here on Tenerife.

Our vision is to take this a step further by welcoming dancers from other countries who want to dance, but who also want to improve their dancing, meet others and discover all that Tenerife has to offer.

We sincerely hope that we’ve been able to whet your appetite for Tenerife and would love to meet and greet you here in sunny Tenerife.

Susanne & Alan Twigg


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