Your Teachers 

Christiane Rohn & Constantin Rüger

Christiane and Constantin have been living and dancing together since 2010. Based in Berlin they both teach in a number of different dance schools in Germany’s and Europe’s Tango capital. They are both very experienced teaches and work in Germany and abroad.

We were absolutely delighted when Christiane and Constantin told us how much they would love to teach and be a part of our tango holidays here in Tenerife. We had experienced their lessons ourselves on a tango holiday in the south of Spain a couple of years ago and we were really impressed. They manage to bring across concepts and new material in a way that is accessible with the use of colourful analogies.

But that’s not all, they are friendly, open, patient and good fun. The atmosphere was first class during the lessons, the practice sessions and our milongas of our first tango holiday in April in Tenerife and Christiane and Constantin played a large part.

They genuinely love being part of tango holidays, meeting new people and travelling to sunny destinations. Giving group lessons is a pleasure for them; and it shows. It’s thanks to their enthusiasm that a sense of balance and harmony is achieved between the couples and the group as a whole.

They will be accompanied by their young boy (the boss) Victor.

Above: Christiane and Constantin dance for us on the final evening of our tango holiday in April 2017. It was a lovely evening and we were joined by some of the keen tango dancers here in Tenerife.